I go by Lord Dottore Matto, GENERAL GRIEVOUS or LDM on various Lightsaber and replica prop forums.  I am a Hobbyist.  Some call me a Sabersmith or Sabertech.  I make and customize Luxeon-style LED Lightsabers.  I never really planned on going into the saber production business, but due to overwhelming demand, I landed here in 2006 and am still cooking!  Look through the Gallery and Videos to get an idea of what I actually do.  If I can't make it, I know a Sabersmith who can, so do not be afraid to ask!     

LDMCustomsabers "Saber Technician", HarkMammil assists LDM in making blades, saber preparation, preliminary builds and conversions.

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Fx-Sabers "S.A.B.E.R. Guild"

International Sabersmith's Guild (ISG)