51TH Commando 2.0 “Homage” (w/GHV3, NPXL & neopixel)


51TH Commando 2.0 Saber in “Black OG” version.

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This is a ready to ship 51TH Commando 2.0 saber with Black texture Powder Coat in the original 51TH Commando color scheme.  It is the GHv3S4 version with full RGB NPXL!!!.  The details are listed below.  It is brand new and spotless. This one will be sold in “as-is” state and is BRAND NEW.  This is not marked up, it is the same price as if you ordered it this way, but you avoid the 16-18 week wait!


  • 51TH Commando 2.0 (TM) hilt
  • Golden Harvest v4 with LDM Commando sound package
  • 3.7V (18650) 3100mAh 15A High-drain Li-ion battery (in Hilt Recharge)
  • AOF Sturdy 3D printed Chassis
  • LDM 28mm HO speaker/2.1mm Recharge port Module
  • Black Texture Powder coat
  • Red-lit Cog chrome AV switch

Can ship within one week.  Does not include a blade or charger, but I have them as needed.


Here is a link to the video of this saber:  VIDEO


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 3 in


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