DHB 2-Handed Katana Saber – Limited Run


A gorgeous Two-Handed Katana-style Darth Bane Saber!

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This is the gorgeous Darkhorse version of the Darth Bane saber, faithfully recreated and stylized to harken to the classic Arm on Fire design (by permission) to be the only rendition of this saber of it’s kind.  For those who prefer a Katana-style over a one-handed hilt this is it.  An exceptionally limited stock available.  Videos forthcoming as soon as the AoF chassis are in hand.


***NOTE 1 – This is an in-stock item and once ordered will take 16-18 weeks to ship.

***NOTE 2 –  Make sure that you read my warranty and Policies, because in purchasing any of my sabers you are agreeing to them.

***NOTE 3 –  A Shipping charge will be added to all sales.  Insurance is automatically charged on all sabers with a value greater than $500, so if you don’t select it, we will invoice you for it prior to shipping.  No exceptions.  A 4% (4.5% International) online convenience fee will be added to all non-prepaid PayPal transactions.

Final Notes:  As with most of my sabers, a charger and blade are not included with any trim level of saber. They are, however available (See above).  If you order a non-color change version of this saber, without FoC, you will receive an amber LED (yellow blade color).


***COMING SOON: Here is a link to the plecterpixel version of this saber in action:  VIDEO


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 3 in


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